Dan Craciunescu

“I will help you achieve THE BEST FORM of yourself, both physically AND mentally. Your lifestyle, mind set and work ethic will change along with your body.”

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“Whether you’re looking to lose weight, add muscle or change your lifestyle, I am here to help you achieve your ultimate goals. As long as you communicate with me and we cooperate, you WILL achieve them AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.”


  • Healthy muscle building
  • Sustainable fat loss
  • Bodybuilding


  • Fat loss

This will include a healthy, dense and sustainable diet plan which we will build together. Workout program and cardio schedule included.

  • Muscle building

Eat big, train big, get big. Workout program, diet plan, tips and tricks that will help you add extreme amounts of muscle.

  • Advanced

If you are more advanced and looking to go to the next level or get back into shape, this is for you. Contact for details.


I will help you envision your dream physique. We will test your limits and make sure you are in top shape every time you enter the gym.


In order to transform, you will be guided through all the exercises, nutrition and cardio tricks and I will make sure you receive the proper education about all aspects.


Once you see the results, you will not be able to stop; and your motivation will be higher than ever. I guarantee the best possible results regarding your goals.

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